Incoming TCG Products!

Posted by Connor Mitchell on

We have had quite the influx of TCG products this week, especially for Pokémon! Just arrived this morning are the shining fates boxes shiny Dragapult and Shiny Crobat! 


Along with a fresh restock of all of the mad party pin collection boxes, Bunnelby, Polteageist, Dedenne and Mr. Rime!

For all those that ordered before it sold out we are just about to receieve our allocation of Digimon Premium packs. If you missed out on these keep an eye out as more may be coming in the near future!

In store we just had a long overdue shipment of Magic the Gathering bringing the recent Strixhaven set to us along with the pre-built commander decks, keep an eye online as they will be hitting our online store soon!

For Yu-Gi-Oh we are just about to receive our allocation for Lightning Overdrive, We still have a few left available to order. Don't forget to also check out our other pre-orders including Synchro Storm and Dawn of Majesty!