Time For A CBCS Mail Call!

Posted by Connor Mitchell on

Guess what we got in the mail today! Below is a small sample and spoiler free for those yet to receive their books back! We love seeing the grades everyone gets and i personally love seeing the comics and having the honour of sending them off to get graded. Some of the stories I have been told behind various comics and signings are great (And one amazing piece of original artwork). Not to mention some of the comics we send I know I would never get to see in my life time if not for providing this service!CBCS Sample
We intend to be sending more to be graded very soon! So please get in touch if it interests you, CBCS offer signature verification on unwitnessed signatures which is worth the wait! Luckily with CBCS back open and operating we should not have the silly waiting time we had with this batch due to COVID-19.
Check out how to submit your books to CBCS here CBCS UK Comic Book Grading Services - Infinity Comics | Infinity Comics