Missed out on Batman / Fortnite Zero Point?

Posted by Connor Mitchell on

A while back we made a post revealing the anticipated Zero Point comic had been officially announced for the UK, an announcement a lot of people hadnt seen until about a week before release date.

Then about a month ago the comic industry fell to the demand of the Batman and Fortnite crossover comic, the demand was unpredictable and pretty soon it became very difficult to track down a copy. As fast as 2nd and 3rd printings were being announced, they were also selling out. Then came a light at the tunnel for all those that couldn't get their hands on the elusive codes for in game items (and the few that legitimately wanted to read it!) when they announced the graphic novel. Infinity Comics - Batman Fortnite Zero Point Hc Is now available to order and these orders are due in within the next couple of days! this collects all 6 issues into one hardbacked book and also includes all codes that would have been pulled from the individual issues!

If at the time of reading this the product has been taken down please get in touch with us and see if we still have any copies available you can reserve.