CBCS UK Comic Book Grading

All prices now include Fast Pass' to cut turnaround times in half!

Infinity Comics is proud to now be able to offer Grading Services to the UK! We operate using CBCS to provide what we believe to be the highest quality comic book grading out there! We can offer a range of services including signature verification and signature witnessing. Carry on reading to find out how to submit your comic books to us.

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To submit your books to us for grading please prepare you books by at minimum making sure they are bagged and boarded with appropriately sized bags and boards (and not already encapsulated). Please write the title, issue number and any signatures (if applicable) on the back of the board facing out of the bag, This will help us speed up the process, as we will not remove any books from the bags, boards , top loaders or any other protective measure that they arrive in.

Next you will need to download and fill in the form below (please download your preferred file type), if filling in by hand please make sure to do so in block capitals. You will then need to include this form in the parcel with your books for grading and then send it to us (address listed on the form) once we have received your books within a few days you will receive an invoice through our website. Payment must be made before the submission deadline otherwise your books will not be submitted in that batch and will be held until the next batch is to be sent.

The Current Submission schedule for 2021 is as follows, this can change though depending on demand and external factors such as delay of postal systems. We hope to increase frequency of submissions, and should the demand be there, we will not hesitate to increase the frequency.



Below are the current costs for CBCS grading and the additional services they provide. Prices exclude return shipping which is added on at the end of the submission form. These prices may change, but once a book has been received your prices will be locked in.


Tier Prices
Tier Requirements Price
Modern Published 1975 or after and a raw value of up to $250 £35
Expanded Published 1974 or before and a raw value of up to $250 £43
Consumer Any age and a raw value of up to $400 £45
Quickstream Any age and a raw value of up to $1150 £65
Rapid Any age and a raw value of up to $4000 £85
For anything with a value not listed above please get in touch with us directly. Current turnaround times can be found at www.cbcscomics.com. Please note regardless of tiers, all books submitted will have a turnaround time equal to that of modern tier, this is to keep our prices down. If you would like to submit outside of the batch please get in touch for a custom quote.


Additional services
Service Info Price
Original Art Programme No grade given, book encapsulated and verified (usually used alongside signature verification) £30
Signature Verification £20 for the first signature, £15 for each additional signature. Per book

For any additional information or questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by email at connor@infinitycomics.co.uk or any of our social media channels.

Terms and conditions
1)Grading is conducted by CBCS, Infinity Comics does not guarantee and is not responsible for any grading discrepancies. For any grievances please contact CBCS directly.
2)Damage during transit must be reported to Infinity Comics within 5 working days of delivery to the address you provided.
3)We advise to package all items well and securely so that items do not receive damage through poor packaging on the journey to us, as we can not take any responsibility for damage received this way.
4)If you are filling out this form by hand please do so in block capitals so that mistakes can not be made due to unreadable forms.
5)CBCS Turn-around times are available on the CBCS website, however these are estimations and are subject to change. We can not affect or speed up this process in any way. We will always try to keep you up to date with information when available to us. 6)Upon payment you are agreeing to the above mentioned points, cancellation of submissions can be done but will be at the cost of postage to return books to yourself.
6)In the event that a signature fails verification we will refund the cost of grading and the cost of return postage to you, however we can not refund the cost of signature verification.