Wonder Woman Odyssey part 2 DC GN Collection 136 HC

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Continue uncovering the story of Wonder Woman in this second volume of Wonder Woman: Odyssey Book from DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection,

J. Michael Straczynski expands upon his vision of Wonder Woman, embellishing his story with more meta-commentary on what wonder Woman is and perhaps should be in Wonder Woman: Odyssey (Part 2) Book. 

Wonder Woman’s entire history has been stolen from her and she finds herself trapped in a strange new life – a life where she was raised in Man’s World and the Amazons have been virtually wiped out. As the strands of fate tighten even further around her, Wonder Woman uncovers the identity of the mysterious foe who sent her on her odyssey – and who now threatens to destroy everything that ever was.

Product Features:

  • Hardback making it durable, prestigious and timeless
  • Originally published as Wonder Woman #607-614, March-October 2011
  • Extra chapter originally published as Sensation Comics #6 in June 1942, where Wonder Woman receives an amazing gift – a magical lasso.