Deadpool GN Collection Vol 6 Wolverine Origins: Deadpool HC

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Deadpool: unexpected, unbeatable, unbelievable star of screen and comic strip. Victim of madly malicious military experimentation, he was given the body of an adonis but skin like beef jerky and a face like a badly melted rubber mask of Harrison Ford.

He is also pretty much indestructible and now the sexiest superhero of them all (although Tony Stark might beg to differ…). Getting the recognition he deserves, he’s finally been given his own collection, gathering together for the first time his insane adventures as he tears the Marvel Universe a new one!

Crammed with guest appearances by the Marvel’s finest heroes and bad guys – Deadpool will fight anyone and everyone if the price is right – and rich with features on the history of our chimmichanga-chugging bad muthafunster, this is perfect for comics fans who like their characters sharp of tongue and sword blade, and who look good in figure-hugging red.

Deadpool: proving beauty isn’t just spandex deep.