Formerly Known As The Justice League DC GN Collection 118 HC

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The Super buddies are back together in Justice League: Formerly Known As the Justice League Book from DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection!

Originally published as a six-issue miniseries, Formerly Known As the Justice League brought together the 1980s version of the Justice League including such powerhouses like Batman, the Martian Manhunter and Elongated Man. At the urging of manipulative businessman Max Lord, they become a team for hire. The ghosts of the past haunt the team as they’re reunited with galactic salesman (and would-be world conqueror) Manga Khan!

Product Features:

  • Hardback making it durable, prestigious and timeless
  • Originally published as Formerly Known as the Justice League #1-6 (September 2003 - February 2004)
  • In an extra chapter originally published as DC Comics #46, June 1982, Superman joins forces with a team of international heroes, including Green Fury, to prevent human enslavement