Hunt for Robin DC Legends of Batman Collection 43 HC

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Robin is dead – or is he? Find out in this new Volume 43 The Hunt For Robin of the The Legend of Batman Graphic Novel Collection!

Batman: The Hunt for Robin follows the story of the Dark Knight tracking down his old enemy Ra's al Ghul after he stole the bodies of Damian Wayne and his mother Taila al Ghul from Wayne Manor. This dark odyssey takes Batman from the mystical city of Nanda Parbat to Wonder Woman’s home of Paradise Island and finally to the edge of Apokolips, home of the New Gods. This time, not only the bad guys, but the Justice League also stand in his way…

 Product Features:

  • Hardback making it durable, prestigious and timeless.
  • This volume presents Batman and Robin issues #29-34 and Robin Rises: Omega #1
  • Wild plots make this hardback book instantly appealing and has fantastic illustrations adding to the thrills!