Marvel-verse Iron Man

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Iron Man is one of the greatest heroes in the Marvel-Verse and these are some of his most action-packed adventures] When the genius Tony Stark is held captive and forced to make weapons, his best chance of escape lies in building the greatest weapon of all the very first version of the Iron Man armour] Then, Shellhead meets Webhead as Iron Man and Spider-Man team up to take down the deadly Radioactive Man] And when Tony Stark makes a dramatic public return to start the next chapter of his business life, a newly-souped up Iron Man finds himself targeted for death] Finally, does Iron Man stand a ghost of a chance battling the Marvel-Verse's most fearsome armoured foe the dastardly Doctor Doom?] Collecting: Marvel Adventures Iron Man (2007) 1, 7; Iron Man (1968) 234; Iron Man (1998) 1