Solo part 1 DC GN Collection Special 13 HC

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Have you ever wondered what a date night with Batman and Catwoman would look like? Does Supergirl have a secret, lost love? Can Clark Kent forget his super responsibilities even on prom night? Discover a new adventure with this action-packed special edition from DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection!

DC Comic: Solo Book Part 1 features When Jim Corrigan finds missing girl Adah Isaacs, will it be a job for the vengeful Spectre? And will OMAC, the One-Man Army Corps, prove that superior, enlightened violence can actually bring peace to a troubled world? The answers to these questions and many more extraordinary mysteries are found in this collection of tales, showcasing the work of some of DC’s most accomplished artists: Tim Sale, Richard Corben, Paul Pope, Howard Chaykin, Darwyn Cooke and Jordi Bernet.

DC COMIC SOLO BOOK PART 1 Originally published as Solo Vol. 1 #1-6, Dec 2004-Oct 2005