Supergirl Way of the World DC GN Collection 123 HC

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Continue the journey to self-awareness with Supergirl in our Supergirl: Way Of The World Book (volume 123) from DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection!

Supergirl: Way Of The World (volume 123) continues Kelley Puckett's run as the main writer of the series. This volume explores Supergirl's inexperience as she enters the adult world. When she promises to save the life of a terminally ill young boy, Superman and Wonder Woman start to worry about her, as Supergirl’s compassion has slipped over into obsession. Will she defy her mentors and continue her impossible mission? Or will her adopted world teach her the most painful lesson of all?

Product Features:

  • Hardback making it durable, prestigious and timeless
  • Originally published as Supergirl #28-33 (June-November 2008)
  • Extra chapter originally published as Resurrection Man #1, that features the story of amnesiac Mitch Shelley. Each time he suffers death he is reborn with a new power- some a blessing, others a curse.