The Final Night

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Darkness encompasses the DC Universe in The Final Night, in which DC s heroes face their most unique and vexing challenge yet: the aptly named alien creature known as the Sun-Eater consumes Earth s sun, leading to permanent night and along with it, freezing temperatures and ecological disaster.

Can DC s greatest heroes and scientists save the day? And what does this mean for Superman, whose powers are derived from Earth s sun? With hope all but lost, can Hal Jordan the most famous Green Lantern, who has recently turned villainous due to the insidious influence of the parasite known as Parallax save a planet he previously turned his back on? And if so, at what cost? The pivotal 90s DC event story is back in print!

This collection also includes an epilogue story from Green Lantern, and the Parallax: Emerald Night one-shot. This volume collects The Final Night #1-4, Parallax: Emerald Night #1, Green Lantern #81, and The Final Night Preview #1.