The Flash Full Throttle DC GN Collection 106 HC

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Discover a brand new adventure of the Fastest Man Alive with the DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection with this hardback novel (volume 106) The Flash: Full Throttle that was originally published as The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #7-13 (February-August 2007).

This incredible graphic novel features Bart Allen who has at last embraced his heritage to become the latest speedster to don the mantle of The Flash. However, old foes unite to end the new Flash’s race before it has barely begun. Can Bart outpace his foes – led by the evil clone Inertia – or is he destined to race headlong into a disastrous future?

THE FLASH #128: originally published in May 1962

Made redundant by the science of his 64th century home, Abra Kadabra seeks fame and fortune in the 20th century. A Silver Age classic that introduces the magical villainy of one of the Flash’s deadliest Rogues.