The Wedding Album DC GN Collection 116 HC

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 The wedding bells are ringing on a very special day for Green Arrow and Black Canary in this The Wedding Album Book from DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection!

Green Arrow and Black Canary: The Wedding Album Book covers the stories from the moment Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) finally proposes to his soulmate Dinah Lance (Black Canary) after the years in a rocky on-again/off-again relationship. The Black Canary mini-series explored her indecision while simultaneously looking back at couple's stormy relationships. Events came to its conclusion with two specials where the most beloved couple finally tied the knot. 

  • Product Features:

    • Hardback making it durable, prestigious and timeless
    • Originally published as Green Arrow #75 (August 2007), Black Canary #1-4 (September-October 2007), Black Canary: Wedding Planner #1 (November 2007) and  Green Arrow & Black Canary Wedding Special #1 (November 2007)
    • Extra chapter originally published as Justice League of America #75, November 1969, introduces the green Arrow's friendship with Black Canary
    • Fantastic illustrations make this hardback book instantly appealing