Wonder Woman Rise of the Olympian DC GN Collection 117 HC

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Wonder Woman: Rise of the Olympian Book (volume 117) from DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection it's up to Diana to protect humanity against an army of male warriors!

Wonder Woman: Rise of Olympian was originally serialised as eight monthly issues in 2099, continuing Gail Simon's run on Wonder Woman. It questions the necessity of Wonder Woman's mission in Man's World. The book introduces the monstrous Genocide - a mystical race of man with a mission to deliver peace at the point of a sword.

Product Features:

  • Hardback making it durable, prestigious and timeless
  • Originally published as Wonder Woman #26-33 (January - August 2009)
  • In an extra chapter originally published as Wonder Woman #106, January 1996, readers were introduced to teenager Cassie Sandsmark, who eventually became a Wonder Girl